Making Money With Music: Music Teacher

Once you know something, like how to play a popular song, someone will inevitably ask “how did you do that?”

A smart entrepreneur will recognize that as an opportunity. An observant educator will recognize that as a “teaching moment”.

Either way, this may be your chance to earn a music teacher salary.

The teaching of music is as varied as music itself. You have the high school band music teacher, classical piano teacher, popular guitar teacher and the in-home private music teacher to name just a few.

There is no shortage of ideas for teaching music. Each of these requires a different mind set, a different student, a different music teacher job description and in some cases different credentials.

If you are looking at a career in the music industry there is no better or more respected music career than that of the music teacher.

Music Teacher Salary

Someone who teaches guitar out of a music store at a modest fee could easily make $3500 a month in a small market.

In many areas this may be more than you could make teaching band in a high school.

If you diversify and teach another instrument, teach out of your home in the evenings or take some time and be a travelling music teacher, you can easily earn more money then you know what to do with.

Can you expect that kind of music teacher salary across the board? No. Factors such as market saturation (how many well educated or popular teachers there are teaching in your area) and student demand play a big role.

You’ll find that even seasons cause the number of students to fluctuate for a private teacher. Conflicting activities such as baseball and other sports in the spring cause numbers to dip.

Commencement of school in the fall cause numbers to rise.

Number of students affects the overall private music teacher’s salary.

It’s good to diversify if you want to take this route.

For example, it is common for elementary school music teachers to teach private music lessons after school in their home.

As far as teaching for public or private schools as a credentialed teacher, those salary rates are posted with each school district and are based on level of education.

These fluctuate wildly based on your geographic area, your education, experience and any extra work you do for them. You can usually download these from their web site.

In most places if you are specialized in a field such as music (or math or science) you command a higher rate.

Although, if you took the route to get the credential I’m sure you already know what the going rate in your area is.

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