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Any young piano student need a bit of guidance to practice his or her music at home using effective strategies to develop good playing habits. Music pieces can be mastered in just a small amount of time with good practice habits.

Here are 5 tips for parents to help their young children use effective learning strategies at home and develop good playing habits.

Remind your child practicing piano at home to:

1. Sing the note names as they are played. Pre-reading music has the names of the notes written on the note heads. Children need to say the names of then notes as they are played so they learn to visualize what keys are under their fingers in beginning hand positions C and Middle C. Without this simple knowledge, children will not be able to go on to learning to read notes on the staff.

2. Keep eyes on the music, not the hands. Once children have their hand position, they need to keep their eyes on the music and not look down at their hands. This way they are developing a keyboard in their imaginations. This is also necessary for reading notes on the staff, which is just a map of the piano keyboard.

3. Sit back on the piano bench and reach out to the piano. Young piano students will not be able to use their small muscles in the fingers unless they are reaching out to the piano with their arms extended and elbows slightly bent with elbows pointing to the walls and not the floor.

4. Round the hands over the keyboard. The fingers need to stretch down to the piano keys from the top knuckle and then retract back to a rounded hand position. This allows for finger flexibility and control.

5. Play each song 5 to 7 times a day. It doesn’t take long for a young child to practice their beginning lessons. But each song needs to be played about 7 times using good playing strategies. For the average young student whose teacher has assigned them two songs, this will take about 5 minutes a song.

That’s a ten minute practice session. And that’s really all beginning children need to do to learn their lessons. But without these strategies they could sit at the piano for hours and never learn what they need to know.


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