Quick Way to Learn How to Read Music! In-home Piano Lessons

This is a quick way to learn how to read and recognize notes written on the staff and on the piano. However, there is no replacement for learning how to sound smooth and pretty on the piano than with step by step instruction and with songs that allows gradual progress.

Recognizing the names of the bass and treble clef notes can be fun and rather simple. All you have to do is memorize a word for each note, like this.

Caution: Use this method only for learning “off” the piano. Do not rely on this method while you are actually reading music and playing because it will slow you down as you try to recite these. Only use this as a fun way to learn the notes off the piano:

Bass clef space notes: A C E G (All Cows Eat Grass)

Bass clef line notes: G B D F A (Good Boys Do Fine Always)

Treble clef space notes: F A C E (This spells “face”)

Treble clef line notes: E G B D F (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)

Now the fun begins. Here are some simple and fun ways to memorize these notes.

1) Speed Run: See how fast you can say the names of the notes. Try doing it first with the words, and then with the letter names only.

2) Reverse Speed Run: Now see how fast you can practice saying the letter names in reverse. This is a great way to see just how well you know the letter names.

3) Say-n-Play: While sitting at your piano, say the letter name out loud and then play it on the keyboard. If you are using flashcards, mix them up so that you can select a card at random and do the same activity. This is a very good memorization activity.

4) Play Them All: Now comes a fun way to test your knowledge. Say out loud the note then play all of those notes on the entire keyboard. For example, you have selected the note “A.” Play all the “A” keys on the entire keyboard.

The sooner one can memorize the names of the notes and recognize where they are found on the keyboard, the more enjoyment that can be found playing the keyboard. Just like you learned the ABC’s for reading you’ll be a great success at learning your ABCDEFG’s for the keyboard.

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