Guitar Lessons in Dublin CA and Pleasanton CA

Music present several benefits for the brain plasticity. Music should be a discipline that we develop over the years because will help to generate health neurons to prolong the life of our brain.

Music has the power to activate many brain areas responsible of the well-being of every individual. As a matter of fact, complex and widespread activation in many areas of the brain has been seen while performing, or listening or even mentally imaging music.

Playing Guitar, Playing Piano or any other instrument demands extensive motor and cognitive abilities, and early musical learning results in plastic reorganization of the developing brain.

At the Lepeley Academy, we work hard to provide the best service and music instruction knowing of the importance of Music Education in children and adults.

Our dynamic guitar lessons are in-home private guitar lessons that teach you the guitar chords, guitar scales, advance guitar techniques, playing with a pick, finger picking, different styles so you can learn blues guitar, rock guitar, jazz guitar, Spanish guitar, and we offer acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, and lead guitar lessons.

For the convenience of our students, we also provide some free video guitar lessons as part of our online guitar lessons. In this way, students can check the material that was taught in each of the guitar lessons.

We also provide guitar lessons for beginners, classical guitar lessons, guitar lessons for kids, and the best part is that we develop a program that provide easy guitar lessons.

If you must learn guitar songs, we make it easy to learn guitar songs for you. Click here for more information.

About Guitar Lessons

In-Home Guitar and Piano Lessons in San Diego CA
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