In-Home Guitar or Piano Lessons

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In-home Piano Lessons

In-home guitar lessons or in-home piano lessons provide the best way to have your child or yourself immerse into music education.

The thing is that everyone of us learn in a different way.

Group lessons provided by your city may work for some students, so if your decision is due to economic reasons, try and cut expenses somewhere else to afford the 101 private in-home lessons.

When you have an instructor coming to your place, that gives your child confidence and the sense of abundance, two strong emotions that will help them as they grow and face different challenges.

in-home guitar lessons

In-home guitar lessons

I got students that bought a guitar program at Costco. They never used it. If you have the program, but you don’t have the instructor to keep you going, chances are you will not.

In our academy, we don’t take last minute cancellation. It is not healthy for the student’s progress. If the student is really sick,  we still charge for the lesson and provide a make up class later on.

We see teaching in-home guitar lessons and teaching in-home piano lessons a medium to teach students the power of commitment, persistence, and hard work to achieve any goals in life.

We believe that every time we are teaching, the lessons should go beyond the music instruction. Students need to learn the importance of developing new skills through learning guitar or piano, and the way they will apply those new learned skills in life.

If you would like to start your in-home guitar lessons or in-home piano lessons, contact us today.  We can start in the next couple of days.

Music is life

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In-Home Guitar and Piano Lessons in San Diego CA
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