Guitar Chords: 10 Easy Ways to Build Guitar Chords

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Guitar Chords

Guitar chords allow us to play the songs we like in an easy way. No matter if our voice is good or not so good, with a guitar and the correct guitar chords we can sing the melodies while playing the guitar chords along. Read 10 easy tips to build your own guitar chords.

Guitar Chords: the basics

Guitar chords are the harmony that supports the musical line.

If you watch cartoons, guitar chords will be like the background where the main characters are developing a story: the trees, the sky, the lake, the bridge, the house, etc.

Something you may not know, is that the chord system is not part of all the cultures. Some cultures develop their music without using chords.

Guitar chords can be as complex or as simple as you want to make them.

That is the beauty of guitar chords.

Many guitar instructors teach their students the open chords, or the bared chords, or even the power chords.

I prefer to explain how to build guitar chords, and then show to my students the different kind of guitar chords. It just makes more sense to me.

I need to admit that to my students doesn’t make too much sense at the beginning. I can see it in their eyes.

But eventually they will understand and appreciate this extra piece of information.

I believe that understanding that you can actually build your own chords, opens a door to my students imagination. Is like they can actually create their own guitar chords.

Building Guitar Chords

This is going to sound like a recipe, and it is intended to be a recipe.

We work in our culture with a triad to create the chords. The triad involves three different tones that can be played together (block chords) or not together (broken chords).

From the melodic scale, that is by the way based on the Ionian mode, we have the following tones:

C (Do) – D (Re) – E (Mi) – F (Fa) – G (Sol) – A (La) – B (Si)

To build guitar chords you need to put together:
– The first or your root: in this example is C (Do)
– Your third: in this example is E (Mi)
– Your fifth: in this example is G (Sol)

Your C guitar chord will be the combination of C, E, and G.

In your guitar, your string number one (the one closer to your lap), is E when you play it open.

Your string number two is B when you play it open, and changes to C when you play it on the first fret.

Your string number three is G when you play it open.

Your C chord can be then string number one open, pointer on the second string on fret number one, and string number three open.

That’s it!

There are many songs you can play with only one chord.

The six strings C chords repeats the same pattern, so you have more Es, more Cs, more Gs.

But the best part is that knowing how to build guitar chords gives you the power to create your own guitar chords. So, if for instance, you want to build a different C chords, you just need to find another C, another E, and another G on your guitar and voila.

10 Easy Ways to Build Guitar Chords

Tip #1: Find the three tones closer to each other
Tip #2: Use the top strings for a hard sound
Tip #3: Use the middle string for rhythm guitar
Tip #4: Use the first three strings for lead guitar
Tip #5: Experiment different positions for the chords
Tip #6: Try to play each part of the song with a different type of chord
Tip #7: You can always drop strings original tuning
Tip #8: Use your pick
Tip #9: Mute with the heel of your playing hand
Tip #10: Never stop creating new guitar chords

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