How to Tune Your Guitar: Learn How to Tune Your Guitar

Learning how to tune your guitar is very important if you are taking guitar learning seriously. On this article I will show you not one but several ways on how to tune your guitar.

How to Tune Guitar: the basics

First thing you nee to know, if you are just learning to play guitar, is that standard guitars have six strings, and each string has different gauge, that is its diameter.
The regular gauge for strings are:
String number 1 (E): .011
String number 2 (B): .014
String number 3 (G): .018
String number 4 (D): .028
String number 5 (A): .038
String number 6 (E): .048 or .049

If you have an electric guitar, chances are that you have steel strings. If you have an acoustic guitar (popular of classical), you may have either steel strings or nylon strings.

The principle on how to tune guitars is getting the correct tone on each one of the strings. This is very important specially if you want to play the guitar chords of you favorite songs. If the guitar is not tuned correctly, you may the wrong harmony.

This could lead to a problem related with ear training.

If you hear over and over again the wrong sound for, lets say, “A,” you won’t be able to recognize the correct “A” tone.

There are many ways on how to tune your guitar. Some of them will work for everybody, no matter the level of expertise, some may be reserved for guitar players that have been playing for a while.

How to tune your guitar: methods

This is a list of ways you can tune your guitar. Read all of them and then choose the one(s) that you believe will work better for your situation.
Also, consider where and when you are tuning your guitar because it may influence the method you use.

How to tune guitar with an Electronic tuner

There are different models that may go from $5.00 to $300.00. Be wise when you pick the tuner since you may get the temptation to go for the most expensive one, but if you don’t really need it, it’s going to be a waste of money.
Some of this tuners are only for electric guitar of electro-acoustic guitars, which means that you need to plug you instrument into the tuner, otherwise is not going to work.
With the cheap ones you have normally the option to plug you instrument, or use the external microphone.

If you use the external microphone of the tuner, everything needs to be quiet, otherwise the microphone will read every single sound and make the tuner go crazy (and you will go crazy in the process).

If you tune your guitar in your room (assuming that your room is quiet),
With acoustic guitars there is actually your only option, but chances that you will be always tuning your guitar in noise places are not too high.

How to tune guitar with the Computer

You can find sites that have tuners online. You play the correct sound and do your best to match the same sound…with the correct string.
This method requires that you differentiate different tones, so if you are somehow tone deaf, this method may not be too helpful for you.

How to tune guitar with By Ear

Once you learn the different sound for each one of the guitar strings, you can try and tune the guitar by ear. To test the result, play a riff and feel if it sound correct or not.

How to tune guitar with a Telephone

You can also use the tone of your phone to tune string A (number 5). Once you tune the A string you can tune the rest of the strings by finding the correct tone on fret number five, or fret number 4 for the string number 2 (B string).
Feel free to contact me with question regarding how to tune your guitar.

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