About Us

Welcome to the Lepeley International Academy

We are an organization committed to fostering and maintaining music, languages & art education throughout the East Bay community. We believe that enrichment programs are a fundamental component to receiving a comprehensive education, and is essential in developing cognitive learning skills and task-orientated organizational skills. Additionally, learning music, languages and art is fun, and makes for a wonderful learning experience.


Over ten years of experience in teaching, writing, recording and performing Educational Music in both Spanish and English.

Strong visual sense, excellent communication skills, and the ability to translate any idea or game into an enjoyable song to sing along. A confident and concise communicator, able to deliver enthusiastic presentations with clarity and humor to diverse audiences.

Seasoned teacher for music and instrument instruction (piano, violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, saxophone, voice, drums, and accordion).

– Director of the Valley Christian After School Music Program (Elementary, Jr/High School)
– Director of the Carden West School’s Summer Camp 2006, and assistant director in 2005
– Music teacher at the Carden West School (pre school-elementary)
– Music teacher fro the San Ramon Unified District, Rancho Romero School (Elementary)
– Director of the St. Mary’s Hispanic Choir and Queen of All Saints for several years
– Perform with churches like St. Isidore, Valley Christian, St. Francis, St Bonaventure
– Started a pro-bono music program for low income families in Livermore together with Serve The City
– Wrote and produced three successful Christmas programs, and four Spring concerts
– Integrated Music Technology with traditional music and developed new courses

He has been working with schools like

~ St. Isidore in Danville

~ Acalanes in Walnut Creek

~ Lafayette Elementary in Lafayette

~ Bollinger in San Ramon

~ Carden West in Pleasanton

~ Valley Christian School in Dublin

~ Centerville in Fremont

~ Shining Stars in Fremont

~ Scribbles in Freemont

~ Charter School in Livermore

~ Rancho Romero in Alamo

~ The Quarry Lane School in Pleasanton

~ The Quarry Lane School in Dublin

He also partnered with institutions like Art and Soul, Happy Feet, Viva el Español,  and the IES Foundation.

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With a major in Music and a minor in Psychology, John-Paul’s musical program is an engaging system that motivates the student.

He also understands that music education helps:

* Develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning

* Spatial intelligence (the ability to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of things)

* Think creatively and to solve problems by imagining various solutions, rejecting outdated rules and assumptions

* Be more successful on standardized tests such as the SAT

* Achieve higher grades in school (his son is an A+ student already)

* Provides children with an internal glimpse of other cultures

* Teaches students to be empathetic towards the people of other cultures

* Earn craftsmanship as students study how details are put together

* What constitutes good, as opposed to mediocre work

* Learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work

* Enhances teamwork skills and discipline

* Provides children with a means of self-expression

* Develops skills that are necessary in the workplace


Music focuses on “doing,” as opposed to observing, to conquer fear and to take risks, and that knowledge is limited but creativity is unlimited.

For you or for your children, learn Piano or Learn Guitar is the perfect gift.

Now you can take you lesson in three ways:

1. In-Home Lessons, if you prefer to have the instructor working 101 with you. This is the best way to learn if you are serious about learning, and you want to do it fast. Our program is 100% customized teach student individual needs and learning preferences. The instructor goes to your home (click here).

2. Lessons in our studios,  requires that student (or student’s parents) drive him/her to one of our places. We work together with several academies in the US.

3. Lessons On-Line, are great if you like repetition and you schedule makes it hard to set with the instructor at the same day/time every week (click here).


MUSIC PROGRAM: In-home 101 Lessons

We offer lessons to learn to play

– Piano/keyboard

– Acoustic Guitar

– Electric Guitar

– Bass Guitar

– Drums

– Violin

– Saxophone

– Voice

– Accordion


We are also starting a group workshop called “My First Band 101,” the pre-school music classes, and the CD-recording artist program.

We create an encouraging class atmosphere and we have the ability to match the student’s learning preferences. This is what set us apart from the regular music academies and facilitates the development of our student’s musical abilities.




(Understanding the importance of learning a second language).

We’ve been delivering high quality music/languages instruction for more than 30 years in the US and overseas, and more than 10 to schools like St. Isidore, Rancho Romero, Acalanes, Valley View, Walnut Grove, Quarry Lane, Alamo, Hidden Hill, Monte Vista, Almond, Donlon, Fountainhead Montessori, St. Mary’s, Livermore Charter, Bollinger Canyon, St Philips Lutheran, Carden West, and the Valley Christian School.


References from Organizations in the Area

Work with two formats: 101 In-home lessons, and After-school programs for schools and centers. Follows some references:

ServetheCity Music program

Cornerstone Spanish program

VCC Music Spanish programs